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Running MATLAB


Follow these steps to run MATLAB on the Grid.

The following videos also demonstrate the setup process.

You will need to download an X window system. If you are using Unix, Linux, or OSX you can use X11. Follow the steps in the X11 Tutorial here, then pick up here in this tutorial.

For Windows users, you can download Xming here. See the Xming Tutorial here also, follow the part of X11 forwarding from the same page before proceeding below.

Launch Xming when the installation finishes.

Log on to the Grid.

Login prompt

Submit an interactive job:

qsub -I -q wsuq -X

NOTE: The -X option allows you to use an X Windows session.

Input:qsub -I -q wsuq

In this example we submitted the job to the wsuq and are assigned the node mra1.

[zz9992@mra1 ~]$

Type: module load matlab-R2010b

Input: module load matlab-R2010b

Type: matlab

Input: matlab

You are now running MATLAB.

MATLAB window
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