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Running a LS-DYNA Job with generate_ls-dyna_jobfile script

HOW TO RUN LS-DYNA JOB WITH generate_ls-dyna_jobfile SCRIPT

This script generates a ls-dyna jobfile which can be submitted to grid. The job of deciding how much memory, cpus and storage will get reduced. This script will choose the optimum amount of resources to run the processes faster.


1.This script automatically checks for available number of licenses prior to checking for the optimal combination of cores and nodes. If there are no available licences you would be prompted with "There are currently insufficient licenses to run this benchmark, Please try again later."

2.The script handles nested k files.

Log on to the Grid.

Go to the directory with your k file using cd command.

cd /path_to_k_file/

There are 3 ways to input the k file to the scipt.

1. Type the name of k file with the name of script as follows :

generate_ls-dyna_jobfile my_file.k

Input: Mention .k file name as command line parameter

Here my_file.k is the k file for input to script

2. If there is only one k file in the directory the script will take that as the input k file and make jobsciprt for the same. Type :


Input: Just one .k file

3. If there are multiple k files in the directory, a list of all k files is promted and anyone can be chosen. Type :


Input: More than one .k file

Once the jobfile is ready, the name will be displayed and you will be prompted to ask if the jobfile can be submitted to grid. Type yes if you want to, else no if you want to submit the script later.

If there are any errors in jobfile or any other issues the script would prompt "Unable to determine time it should take, check your .k"

Under those circumstaces try running sciprt again after makes changes to .k file

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