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Follow these steps to create a Globus account and Globus share to connect to the Wayne State Grid.

Additional tutorials for Globus can be found here: https://docs.globus.org/how-to/

Create Globus Account

Visit http://www.globus.org

Click "Sign Up" in the top-right corner.

Sign-Up button

Instead of using your organizational login, click on Globus ID. Complete the form and register.

Create Globus Share

Click "Log In" in the top-right corner. Enter your login credentials.

Log In button

Click "Transfer Files" just under the blue Globus banner.

Transfer Files

On the left, enter "wsugrid#globus" as the Endpoint as shown.

Input: wsugrid#globus

Click continue to authenticate.

Login with the same credentials you use when logging directly into the server via SSH (this is normally your WSU AccessID) and respective password.

NOTE:You may receive an error about an SSL certificate, this is OK.

Input: wsugrid#globus

Locate and highlight the directory you wish to share. Highlighted folder

Click the three horizontal lines in the top-right of the file window.

Three horizontal lines selected

Click "share."

Share selected

Click "Add Shared Endpoint."

Add Shared Endpoint button

OPTIONAL: You may modify the endpoint name and/or add a description.

Endpoint name and description parameters

Click "Create and Manage Access."

Click "Add Permission."

Add Permission button

Enter the email address or globus username of the person you wish to share this data with.

NOTE: Do NOT select "write" unless you are positive that you want the customer to be able to make changes to the data.

Example Input: customer@wayne.edu

The customer will receive an email at the email you specified earlier or the email associated with their globus account if you used their globus username similar to this:

Email example

Click "Add."

Customer Data Access

The customer will need to create a Globus.org account if they do not already have one at https://www.globus.org/

The customer can now:

  • Install “Globus Connect Personal” to transfer files to their local system. Go to the following link, download the the appropriate one according to your operating system and following the instructions that follow on that page: https://www.globus.org/globus-connect-personal

  • Transferring files between endpoints
  • Transfer files to an existing endpoint of their choice

Transfer the files

  1. Select the endpoint to transfer files from.
  2. Select the endpoint to transfer files to.
  3. Select the data to be transferred.
  4. Click the blue arrow to initiate the transfer.
Transferring files between endpoints

DONE. The customer now has their data.

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