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NodesQueueProc. TypeProc. ModelCoresSpeedGPUsMemory (GB)Disk (GB)Network
acc1-5accqIntelE5-2620v3122.4GHz4 (K40)64.08061e
amx1-3eamxq, mwsuqIntelE5-264383.3GHz0256.038810e
amx4eamxq, mwsuqIntelE5-264383.3GHz0256.03881e
wsuq, mwsuqAMD6282SE642.6GHz0256.0 23710e
dad1-8wsuq, mwsuqIntelE5-2665162.4GHz096.0150010e
gac1-4wsuq IntelE5-2680v2202.8GHz1 (K20x)128.075556ib & 10e
ged1-2egedq, mwsuqIntelX568012 3.3GHz048.0 3661e
hao1ehaoq, mwsuqIntelE5-2640v3162.6GHz016.0 350510e
hbx1-4ehbxq, wsuqIntelE5-2690v4282.6GHz0512.0 96010e
hbx5-6ehbxq, mwsuqAMD6128322.0GHz064.0 2201e
wsuq, mwsuqIntelX567012 2.9GHz0 96.0237 10e
pcc1-28mwsuqIntelX55508 2.6GHz 012.015920ib & 1e
pcc29-34mwsuqIntelX55508 2.6GHz012.015920ib & 1e
pcc35mwsuqIntelE545083.0GHz016.031220ib & 1e
rhi1-4erhiq, mwsuqIntelE5-269536 2.1GHz 0256.058210e
smp1-4wsuqIntelE5-2680v220 2.8GHz 2 (Phi)128.018356ib & 10e
smt1-2accqIntelE5-2680v220 2.8GHz 2 (K20x)128.018356ib & 10e
smt3-4accqIntelE5-2680v220 2.8GHz 2 (K40)128.018356ib & 10e
wsu1-160wsuq, mwsuqAMD4332HE123.0GHz096.0 2201e
wsu161-172 erprq, mwsuqIntelE5-2697v3282.6GHz0128.0 72056ib & 10e
wsu173-184 wsuq, mwsuqIntelE5-2697v3282.6GHz0128.0 72056ib & 10e
wsu185-200 wsuq,vmn,bbqIntelX5650242.6GHz096.0 17 10e
wsu201-209 wsuqIntelE5-4627v4402.6GHz01536.0 2000 10e
zfh12-13ezfhq, zflq, mwsuqIntelE553082.4GHz024.0 741e
zfh14-17ezfhq, zflq, mwsuqIntelE5-2680v2202.8GHz0256.03881e
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PBSDescriptionIP EthernetInfiniband
1e1Gb Routed EthernetGeneralN/A
10e10Gb Routed EthernetGeneralN/A
20ib20Gbit Infiniband and Ethernet10.4.136.0/22 Local to 20ib
56ib56Gbit Infiniband and Ethernet10.4.136.0/22 Local to 56ib

mwsuq is preemptable by owners of the equipment.

wsuq will not preempt except for fairshare usage when completely full.

Some queues are specific to nodes with GPU and Phi cards.

Please see the Utilizing the Mass Queue tutorial for more information.

Please see the Utilizing Resources tutorial for more information.

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