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2018 Updates
10/30/2018NOTICE: Grid Down Time December 9th 2018 2:00AM - 8:00AM

The Grid has several upgrades planned, and with upgrades comes downtime and change. Please make note of the three items below:

A new Next Generation Panasas ActiveStor storage array! The new storage array will provide over 3x the storage with over 1.5 Petabytes and faster access speeds. The move from the previous storage device to the new will take place December 9th between the h ours of 2:00AM and 8:00AM. Any jobs still active on the Grid at this time will be terminated. Please plan your work accordingly.

A new Operating System! The Grid will be upgraded to CentOS 7.5 when it comes back online. We are in the process of creating a beta queue so that you can compile and test software in the new environment. We are also compiling software in the new environmen t in order to make the switch as seemless as possible. Please let us know what software you would like included in the new environment.

A new Data Center! The University and C&IT are in the final stages of constructing a new data center to house the Grid. We expect that the Grid will be physically moved into the new space mid to late 2019. We will provide further information relating to th e data center move at that time.

Please contact us with questions, concerns, and software requests for CentOS 7 at advcomp@wayne.edu .

-The WSU Grid Computing Team
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