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High Performance Computing Services

The Grid has several upgrades planned, and with upgrades comes downtime and change. Please make note of the three items below:

A new Panasas ActiveStor 20 storage array! The new storage array will provide some extra space on the Grid with over 1.5 Petabytes of storage and faster access speeds. The move from the old storage device to the new will take place December 9th between the hours of 2:00AM and 8:00AM. All jobs that are still on the Grid at this time will be killed. Please make plans to complete your work before this time.

A new Operating System! The Grid will be upgraded to CentOS 7.5 when it comes back online. We are in the process of creating a beta queue so that you can compile and test software in the new environment. We are also compiling software in the new environment to try to make the switch as seemless as possible. Please let us know what software you would like to have prepared for the new environment.

A new Data Center! The University and C&IT are in the final stages of constructing a new data center to house the Grid. We expect that the Grid will be physically moved into the new space mid to late 2019. We will provide as much notification as possible so that you may prepare your workload to account for the down time.

Please contact us with questions, concerns, and software requests for CentOS 7 at advcomp@wayne.edu .

The Grid Team

High Performance Computing Services

Providing Computational Resources

Wayne State University has developed a high performance Grid enabled computing system that houses and manages research related projects. The Grid handles projects requiring high speed computation, parallel and distributed computing, data management, and computationally intensive applications. This enables users to utilize numerous processors in different systems simultaneously. These systems are joined by high speed networks allowing them to function effectively as a single unit. The Grid currently has 427 nodes and the combined processing power of 8,212 cores, with over 56TB of RAM and 1.2PB of disk space. The system is open to any researcher at WSU.

Providing Tutorials and Support

We provide comprehensive H.P.C. training through tutorials covering topics including getting started on the Grid, utilizing Grid resources, and using advanced scientific software in the Grid environment. Tutorials can be found here: Tutorials

Purchasing and Hosting Equipment

We facilitate the process of purchasing equipment for integration in the Grid. Consulting, grant requests, pricing and vendor negotiation, and implementation are all assisted with free of charge. More information can be found here: Purchasing

Providing XSEDE Support

Wayne State is an XSEDE Champion Institution. XSEDE is an NSF-funded virtual organization that integrates and coordinates the sharing of advanced digital services - including supercomputers - with researchers nationally to support science. Grid users may be assisted in applying for access to computing resources available on XSEDE partner clusters. More information can be found here: XSEDE


HPC Services mission is to provide WSU faculty, staff, students and affiliates with high performance computing resources/consulting for research and teaching in a high quality and responsive manner.

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